Scientists discovered a sea of fresh water under the ocean

Fishermen always complain about the sea that there is a lot of water in the sea but if one wanders into the sea and runs out of fresh water, he dies of thirst because the sea water is so salty The human body cannot tolerate so much salt. If fishermen get lost in the sea, they get fresh water from the dew that falls at night. 

Scientists discovered a sea of fresh water under the ocean
A sea of fresh water under the ocean discovered

However now scientists claim there are trillions of gallons of freshwater reserves beneath the seabed that have not only been stored freshwater for millions of years but keeps adding more freshwater

A survey in the ocean about fifty miles off the coast of the United States, scientists have concluded that there are vast reserves of freshwater just two hundred meters below sea level that spread over hundreds of square kilometers—freshwater beneath the sea This reservoir called the aquifer is several times larger in size than any aquifer found on Earth.

How did this water get here? This story is also very interesting- millions of years ago today the current coast of the United States had huge glaciers- when temperatures began to rise and the last of Earth's ice period ended, some of the melted ice water Some flowed into the ocean in the form of rivers and absorbed into the earth and accumulated into these aquifers- when the ice began to melt the sea level it fell under the sea- just like digging a well in the ground At a depth of a few meters, there is water that is part of an aquifer. Similarly below the sea level, these aquifers have existed for millions of years—before that, oil companies found water several times while exploring underwater oil. But oil companies thought it was just little pockets of water—a new survey suggests it’s not just a few pockets of fresh water but a giant aquifer that’s been keeping America’s fresh water for hundreds of years. Can meet the requirements of

Although the research has only been conducted in the U.S. coastal areas, scientists believe similar underwater aquifers may exist beneath the oceans around the world—if such reservoirs of freshwater were found decades ago, perhaps. It would not have been possible to take advantage of them, but now the technology of extracting oil from the bottom of the sea has advanced so much that it is not a big technical challenge to extract water from these aquifers and bring it to coastal areas through pipes.

In asian countries where a severe shortage of fresh water is predicted in the next few decades, it is quite possible that underwater freshwater reserves exist in coastal areas of these countries, which may fuel fresh water needs for centuries.

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