An animal that can survive in negative 272 degrees Celsius

Tardigrade is an animal that can survive in negative 272 degrees Celsius.

Yes! You heard it right. There is also a strange creature that can survive in both minimum temperature and maximum temperature. The animal's name is Tardigrade (Tardigrade) which has surprised scientists.

If it comes to temperature. If it is done, high temperature, just like boiling water, does not affect tardigrade, and even a minimum temperature, i.e. negative 272 degrees Celsius, cannot harm it. If it is about radiation, pass it 500 times through X-rays, But still it doesn't affect it. 

Food is essential for every living thing but here it also took precedence over the rest as a report on National Geographic website says tardigrade survived without food or water for 30 years. And certainly no one can compete it.

Similarly, according to a report published in Science Magazine, the tardigrade can not only withstand extreme temperatures but also survive in vacuum, and that's the thing. If humans can somehow learn how to survive in space, this discovery will be a significant breakthrough for space travel.

The tardigrade is also called a "water bear" because of its strange body. They live in various places such as the wetland on the edge of a volcano in the seabed and in snowy deserts such as Antarctica and everywhere else where life seems impossible to exist. These are living microbes. They range in size between 0.05mm and 1.5mm. So far 1300 of these species have been discovered.

The water bear, i.e. tardigrade belongs to kingdom Animalia and phylum tardigrade. It has eight legs. Speaking of its food, it sucks juice from plant cells as well as gets its food from algae and fungi but these living beings are not harmful to humans nor do they harm crops.

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