Lipstick Chemistry: 5 Things you should know

As you know, 29 July is celebrated as Lipstick Day, due to which its fans are increasing day by day.

But if I ask you why you wear lipstick surely your answer would be for beauty-actually it is used as a lip protection but girls of this era ruined its role.

There are some creatures who don't know how to apply properly, that's why everyone eats lipsticks. You can find this thing in men not only in girls.

According to a research, men eat more lipstick than girls, why do they eat it is another story.

The post will be long, why not talk about its texture.

Wax is used to create the structure of the lipstick. It contains mostly naturally found products such as Beeswax, Carnauba wax and candelila wax.

One of the reasons behind this wax is that it has a high boiling point, which makes it not melt easily.

You must know very well that lipstick shines less than the sun. The main reason for that is the oil that is added to it is a miracle, mainly mostly castor oil is added to it.
Along with this, the main compound of this oil is Ricinoleic acid which is made of fatty acids.

You will know the color very well because red or pink is not the same color and lipstick is the most preferred one on this basis.
Its color comes from adding different pigments and colors. The following are some noteworthy.

👉Carmine red

These are mainly taken from the top of the worms.

👉 Eosine

This is also a pigment. It is also known as No: 22. It has a different color function, i.e. when it reacts with the amino group in the lip (the protein) it starts to give red color. Is there anyone who wants to buy this.

👉Titinuim dioxide

When it's put in a dialiot solution it starts turning pink which is my favorite.

Other compounds:

If it comes to fragrance, different compounds are used for this too, but another compound capsaicin is added.

You may have noticed that when you apply, your lips become a little soft or delicate. The main reason for it is this compound.

This compound is found in Chilli but for God sake never put chilli on your lips otherwise you know what will happen,this compound is different in chilli and different in lipstick.

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