Let us Find Who We Are!

How many particles of sand will it contain in a large desert that spreads over hundreds of kilometers? 

How many specks of sand is this desert covered from corner to corner?
In fact, let alone counting the particles of sand, it's hard to imagine how many they would be. Now just look at the stars in our galaxy of Milky Way over this desert. There are so many stars to count but We estimate there could be at least 200 billion stars. This figure is huge and is only used for the stars in our Galaxy. All the stars you see in the sky are stars in our Galaxy.

The sky (universe) is so vast that it contains at least 2 trillion other galaxies similar to our galaxy. Most of them are larger than our galaxy and contain over 1000 billion stars. How strange is it that we are of this world. We can count every hair on the head of every human being but we can't count the stars in the universe. There are more stars in this universe than the particles of sand in the oceans and deserts of this world. Isn't it amazing? Isn't there in 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe you exist on a planet called Earth in billions of stars in a tiny galaxy? 

Aren't you just a little curious that among the countless stars across the cosmic expanses you just became part of the solar system? Don't you question your own existence at all who you are? Why are they and where did they come from? In a universe so big if we humans only exist on earth, think of how precious we are.

Famous astronomer Carl Sagan once said that you will not find humans anywhere in the entire universe apart from this tiny planet Earth. We are rare And we are endangered species, cosmically each one of us is precious, if you disagree with someone at least give him the right to live because even in billions and trillions of galaxies you won't find another like him"

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